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Want your daily dosage of Chelsea Frame? Want to know what its like to be perfectly absorbed in How I met your mother, in love with Marcus( was a Previous Affiliation now Void; New Love interest detected.) and snarky all the time? Well, you're in luck! This wiki is your how-to guide on everything Chelsea. Want to know how to teach, bitch and sleep like a Chelsea? Well, using this wiki you can learn the narcissistic ways of a disillusioned teenage girl and the lifestyle that she inhabits. What are you waiting for? Go on and read all about it.

Who is Chelsea Victoria Anne Frame?Edit

Appearing after Eve failed to obey Yahweh's command, thus falling into the temptation that caused the original sin, Chelsea Victoria Anne Frame was forced into hibernation for over 200,000 years, only reappearing in the last 16 years. The reason for her awakening was for none other then to search and cleanse the world from the off-cut of evil itself. This holy quest secretly given to her from the heavens above is to find and destroy the last remnant of evil, spawned at end of the serpents demise by the blade of Yahweh. Of course, Chelsea Victoria Anne Frame seeks none other than the dragon, taken human form, <REDACTED>, a dragon that has sworn revenge on the heavens for the destruction of its master. This quest has been Chelsea's motive for the last 16 years which brings her story to the present day and of course, our wiki.

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